27 October 2010

Attention to details. Family home and my grandparent's wardrobe

Attention to details is the core of interior design. Same can be said with what we are wearing. Visiting places is the most important thing for many creative’s to get inspiration and to translate it into their own words or ideas.

For me, going back home and seeing our flat constantly changing and being renewed with little details, fittings and sundries is a way of being inspired and pushed to look for something new too.

It hasn’t happened in a day.  I mean all those furniture...It took us all years and years of going through boot car markets, interior shops, finding new additions abroad, even looking in my grandma‘s and granddad‘s barns to find the right things to complement our surroundings. Every single miniature, sculpture or a picture has its own place. It‘s no accident nor a coincidence. They belong there because we wanted them to be here, and not somewhere else. It may seem like a little museum for strangers, but for us, especially for my parents, it‘s their search for perfect home, which constantly evolve and change.

How it affected my outfit choice for the day? Have a look... I call it vintage...or something of that sorts

And going back to the inspiration...well I went through my grandmother's wardrobe and look what treasures I have found ( and brought with me back to Manchester!)

Two beautiful handbags

Some cuffs and tie clips

Moccasins! Love them!!

And a very cute tie...

Bembi with vintage love ;) xxx

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