18 October 2010

ERDEM - designer to remember

You know your Christian Dior or Vivienne Westwood, yet there are fashion names you might have heard of, yet again, couldn‘t tell more. 

I have been watching ERDEM for quite a while, and he never disappoints. BEAUTIFUL is the word to describe his collections (and possibly the THE DRESS). Unique interpretation of elegant prints, signature 3D floral prints, lace theme, colour and oddities yet perfectly translated and reinvented into something new and modern each season.

So who is standing behind the label?  A graduate of the Royal College of Art Erdem Moralioglu . He spent a year working with Diane von Furstenberg before winning the prestigious Fashion Fringe award in 2005. Designer describes Erdem woman as “A clever person who probably cares little about seasons. She has a lot of conviction and marches to her own drum.”

Possibly my favourite Spring/Summer 2011 collection so far

And the looks I loved most...

Full collection available to view:

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