15 October 2010

Why I won’t be buying aviator jacket this season...

Key trend for autumn/winter 2010-2011? Dead easy and dead clear. By now we know it as our five fingers:  camel , the cape, celebration of womanliness, all curves and Mad Men glamour, animal magnetism...and of course the aviator trend.
I was excited about getting one myself; however when every single store started stocking at least few versions of it, my enthusiasm has gone.  Yes, I would NEVER EVER say NO to the original Burberry beauty, that settled the key trend for the entire autumn/winter 2010, but as I cannot own it,  alternatives do not satisfy me (because  they don‘t have that furry oversized collar, bittersweet chocolate colour  or there is a tiny detail that just kills the whole look!  I want it big and oversized, and warm, and edgy - exactly the way Christopher Bailey designed it).

I am not trends follower and having a „must have“doesn’t really bother me. „Must haves“ or “key items“ introduce rules to the world of fashion, restrict creativity and individualism and having rules and consequently  following them makes fashion very unfashionable. Remember it is style, and what suits whom, not what elle or vogue, or my „always so stylish and gorgeous friend“ wears or tells me to wear, is all that counts.

Therefore, I decided to turn a blind eye on the aviator and get a nice leather jacket instead.  And I have few very good reasons to do so:
·      It will last me far more than one season (I couldn’t picture the aviator leaving the back of my closet next autumn). Leather is an investment that will pay off.

·      I can pair it up with more or less everything in my wardrobe and it will be perfect for casual daytime look as well warm me up on a night out. In other words it‘s versatile (could you see yourself in aviator jacket on a night out???)

·     Price. You can get a great leather jacket just over £100, whereas if you are about to get the aviator (and you don‘t want a fluffy faux fur or whatever they call it these days, I m talking proper sheepskin ,  shearling and leather combination) , be prepared to spend no less than £250-300.

Not convinced yet? Have a look at my favorite leather jackets, surely to be loved and purchased!
Reiss, £ 275

Fringe biker by boutique, Topshop £180

Vero Moda Very Leather Biker Jacket, £160.00

Urban Code Long Line Leather Biker Jacket, £200.00

River island black leather hooded bomber jacket,  £120

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