01 April 2011


ü  Simple, elegant, understated.
ü  At this time of the year each Manhattaner swears to wearing good quality coat, preferably black yet cuts and fits may vary (and such variation is only allowed within the chaste image scale), designer handbag and expensive quality leather boots (knee length or ankle). A pair of Ray Ban is a must. With no exaggeration leaving the apartment without your sunglasses is as bad as leaving with no underwear.
Where fashion is better?.London or NY?.. Based on first impression my vote has to go to London, it is so diverse and original. However East Village had a lot to offer. Manhattan- posh, expensive, yet slightly boring and too we all look the same, I don’t want to stand out/ be noticed look.

Celebrities seen Marron 5 vocalist (dinning in Cafeteria)

Parties crashed The Ritz Hell s kitchen, the Standard hotel (top floor with night MANHATTAN on full display, blimey  ME!), The Other Room, Juliet nightclub (unfortunately Rihanna was nowhere to be seen…), and about 6 more bars, including falling asleep in a hotel after tequila shots… Have I had a sober day in those 5 days? With all my honestly- NO. My 5 a day fruit intake turned into 5 a day drinks intake. But cocktails have fruits, right???...One words- DETOX!

What amazed me.. is New Yorkers love for dogs. Central park is packed with absolutely adorable French bulldogs, beatles, spaniels, pugs etc. all wearing little dog outfits and claws protected with gloves or footwear. And yes, Dogs are allowed into Bloomies and Macys. Love it!

And what we were wearing…

My state of mind. Experienced every single emotion possible…happiness, excitement, frustration, sadness, anger, butterflies in my stomach, apathy, joy, loneliness and completeness -all were there. It gives a lot of happy moments and memories. But once you get back, reality is hard. NY I LOVE YOU! You are an absolute darling!

09 February 2011

Be inspired

It might be last season's campaign yet i do love this video. The soundtrack... the models...the clothes...the location....Perfect!

Insipiring and captivating, and with this "a la French chick spirit".

Get your spring mood out and enjoy!

04 February 2011

Let's copy!

Taking inspiration from Dolce and Gabbana catwalk, I will be buying some florals to update my summer wardrobe. ..And this little cute denim dress , seen it Topshop £38, is a real bargain!!! Cant wait for some sun to come out so I could wear it to death :)!

01 February 2011

Paris on VOGUE..?

This could have not happend on French, UK or US version...

Miss Paris Hilton on a cover of the fashion bible? 

Well this could only be allowed if you are dreaming of becoming Cinderella (or Paris chihuahua Tinkerbell), if your favoutite colour is pink (or anything of that shade) and only if you are living in Turkey! After all, there has never been any high fashion in Turkey ( they might have a fashion week, and model agencies on every other corner, yet that's not the FASHION we are interested in). 

Vogue Turkey Feb

And it did happen in Paris too,, back in 2008!!!

27 January 2011


Sorry for not blogging recently. I know the excuse is lame, but I had no internet for a month....So I curled up in my bed last night with my lovely laptop placed on my knees and had this flux of thoughts that I decided to share with all of you.

Every second girl (well at least in the UK, as far as I am concerned) wants to work in fashion (or the industry of that sort). Is it glamorous, well-paid exciting, or is it the myth of getting freebies and amazing clothes? Well none of that really if you are the bottom line staff...yet for me, although it does not pay well, it somehow gives me that feel good, feel me factor; it makes me happy.  Yes I did get first class degree at prestigious university and could possibly be working in the bank or an office, making plans or strategies how to grow the company in the future and writing reports to my boss, pilled with paperwork and being annoyed by constant phone calls (in addition to having incredible back pain from sitting in the same position at my little desk for the last 8 hours)...And, before enrolling to University, I thought this is the job I am going to have...Yet again, I came to England back in 2007 and things have changed...I have changed... and my perceptions of what work-life balance (and life in general) should be, how important is to enjoy every single minute of your life (whether at work or after work).
The first time when such ideas manifested was after my visit to Selfridges; although it wasn’t anything spectacular, all I wanted was to work there, to be one of the staff members amongst those exciting clothes and designer handbags, endless perfume and cosmetics counters. And as the years passed, my realization that salary you earn is not as important as I previously thought grew stronger and stronger. The more you have, the more you want, so I just learnt to live with what I have, and maybe that’s why buying a new pair of jeans, a pot of lip balm or Jo Malone candle makes me excited as a child that just been given a candy.  I need to be surrounded by nice environment in my work place, by nice and polite and interesting and creative people, and that’s when I feel happy and my inner and outer self is (as I describe it) GLOWING
 I do not want a boring job, I want a job that is creative, exciting, demanding, and different each day, that makes me jump out of bed every morning. Where I can make a difference, and I know that I am still serving customers on the shop floor, yet I am sure one day I will be in the buying office, or editing fashion section in the magazine, or doing some PR work for a well-known brand. Sounds optimistic? Your heard it before? Plain or vain? Well, call me a dreamer but at least it’s something that keeps me motivated and makes me not to give up this so-hard- to get into- fashion business. And I (always) get what I want, but based on my calculations and previous encounters it takes me approx. 2 years to get what I dream for HA.

p.s.  Oh fashion goddess (Anna Wintour???) why don’t you move me to NY and give me a job in your splendid magazine (I wouldn’t moan running to Starbucks for your skinny lattes for the next 10 years!!!)

ON THE VAT...So its gone up... Everyone seems to be making such a big fuss out of it! If you were willing to pay £45 for a T-Shirt, you will surely be able to pay £46. The only worry is that retailers might use it as an excuse to pass the price increases onto the consumers. The one thing we customers should be worried about is the rising cotton prices...yes it will be the case of paying more for the quality items or we will be wrapped up in viscose garments (I went shopping the other day and to find a 100% or even 80% cotton T-Shirt with my favourite retailers was an issue: all I could find was garments made with 50% or more viscose and other synthetic fabrics.

ON WHY MEN FORGOT THE HABIT AND IMPORTANCE OF SMELLING NICE...Why oh  why English men don’t use aftershave (I always referred to it as perfume until one of my friends advised me that perfumes are for ladies, and aftershave for men)? Everyone more or less have to have their favourite perfume or scent, and not only for occasions but for almost everyday use. It defines who you are, it gives you confidence. It does make you guys more of a man, a gentlemen. And on the same note...no else wears suit as well as Mr. Tom Ford

Bembi (still) in fashion with big fat love