13 October 2010

Meet the French MACAROON…

Here in Britain we always had this obsession with cupcakes.   Buttery, sugary, extremely sweet and with that irresistible cap of frosting. However, even food comes and goes out of fashion. Today, me and my fellow sweets lovers are saying Hello (or shall I say Bonjour) to French Macaroons. Amanda McClements' in her food blog, Metrocurean argued that Gossip Girl has fetishized the macaroon similar to the the way Sex and the City launched a cupcake boom. If you never heard of Macaroon then let me intoduce you to  two little pillows of almond meringue glued together with flavoured buttercream, jam, chocolate or caramel. Relatively low in fat and perfect bite size – thus we are allowed more than one.

The hottest French Macaroons are Laduree Macaroons…they always come perfectly packaged in true French fashion all wrapped up in a nice satin bow. 

Marni and Laduree colaboration 

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