16 December 2010

The label to watch...THE KOOPLES

A massive hit in Paris,with snake-hipped rock 'n' roll types, and their groovy girl/boyfriends/civil partners/whatever, the very french label The Kooples is finally in the UK opening first 3 stand-alone stores (all in London so far).

If you are not loving the clothes (but how could you not???) you must be lured into their advertising campaign at the least: featuring real-life couples looking drop-dead cool and gorgeous in their Kooples gear!
The LOOK. Brand identifies itself as the mix of ... Masculin/ Feminin, Godard would have called it; slightly androgynous and modern. The Kooples gathers its inspiration from the codes of rock, from music, but with its own signature traits that only truly belong in 2010. It doesn’t matter if it’s night or day, if you’re wearing The Kooples it’s just plain chic...

07 December 2010

What's so good about Manchester

There are some pretty decent cars....or just some weird things in random streets...

The TeaCup where you can get the best tea and scones ever

The legendary Old Trafford stadium

The wheel! Good for a date night 

Great cocktails regardless the bar you go to

A bit dodgy yet somehow attractive streets that almost feel as if you were in NY

Fit guys (yet only in posters heh)

The most pervish Santa Claus!

And some cute Christmas windows

And finally Manchester has Bembi who is taking care of the fasssshhioooonnn!!!!

Bembi and the crew. Those northern people a la Mancunians are the best :)

Bembi with big fat LOOOVEEE.xoxo

05 December 2010

The classics

I might have spent more what I normally allow myself to spend yet I was thinking of INVESTMENT pieces. Timeless, classsic and necessary.  The ones that will last me a year or two rather than one season. Am I mood-shopper? Yes, I am (as most of us), that‘s not a crime...I do buy things that I need for the occasion, or to reflect the way I feel. However, I DO think before making a purchase: how, where, with what and how often will I wear it. I had a quite a few impulsive buys  (a la it is so pretty, I love it but it is not really me kind of thing) which never left my wardrobe or are still hidden on the bottom shelve after one wear.

So meet my MUST-HAVE  team Well honestly, it should be everyone’s must haves , especially on the days when you say you have nothing to wear.

The classic white shirt. Perfectly fitted and easily styled with more or less everything.

My IT bag – black, in a shape of satchel (remember the shape of the season, yes you are right, it is the satchel!) and the one that fits 

Skinny leather pants

Miss Dior Chérie ... The scent I love, the scent of ME whee!!!!!