01 April 2011


ü  Simple, elegant, understated.
ü  At this time of the year each Manhattaner swears to wearing good quality coat, preferably black yet cuts and fits may vary (and such variation is only allowed within the chaste image scale), designer handbag and expensive quality leather boots (knee length or ankle). A pair of Ray Ban is a must. With no exaggeration leaving the apartment without your sunglasses is as bad as leaving with no underwear.
Where fashion is better?.London or NY?.. Based on first impression my vote has to go to London, it is so diverse and original. However East Village had a lot to offer. Manhattan- posh, expensive, yet slightly boring and too we all look the same, I don’t want to stand out/ be noticed look.

Celebrities seen Marron 5 vocalist (dinning in Cafeteria)

Parties crashed The Ritz Hell s kitchen, the Standard hotel (top floor with night MANHATTAN on full display, blimey  ME!), The Other Room, Juliet nightclub (unfortunately Rihanna was nowhere to be seen…), and about 6 more bars, including falling asleep in a hotel after tequila shots… Have I had a sober day in those 5 days? With all my honestly- NO. My 5 a day fruit intake turned into 5 a day drinks intake. But cocktails have fruits, right???...One words- DETOX!

What amazed me.. is New Yorkers love for dogs. Central park is packed with absolutely adorable French bulldogs, beatles, spaniels, pugs etc. all wearing little dog outfits and claws protected with gloves or footwear. And yes, Dogs are allowed into Bloomies and Macys. Love it!

And what we were wearing…

My state of mind. Experienced every single emotion possible…happiness, excitement, frustration, sadness, anger, butterflies in my stomach, apathy, joy, loneliness and completeness -all were there. It gives a lot of happy moments and memories. But once you get back, reality is hard. NY I LOVE YOU! You are an absolute darling!

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