05 December 2010

The classics

I might have spent more what I normally allow myself to spend yet I was thinking of INVESTMENT pieces. Timeless, classsic and necessary.  The ones that will last me a year or two rather than one season. Am I mood-shopper? Yes, I am (as most of us), that‘s not a crime...I do buy things that I need for the occasion, or to reflect the way I feel. However, I DO think before making a purchase: how, where, with what and how often will I wear it. I had a quite a few impulsive buys  (a la it is so pretty, I love it but it is not really me kind of thing) which never left my wardrobe or are still hidden on the bottom shelve after one wear.

So meet my MUST-HAVE  team Well honestly, it should be everyone’s must haves , especially on the days when you say you have nothing to wear.

The classic white shirt. Perfectly fitted and easily styled with more or less everything.

My IT bag – black, in a shape of satchel (remember the shape of the season, yes you are right, it is the satchel!) and the one that fits 

Skinny leather pants

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